Cybersecurity company founded in 2010. buguroo is specialised in the development of software for online fraud prevention

Unique web content shield approach for detecting phishing and malware attacks; Deep learning for continuous online user’s cognitive analytics and behavioral biometry monitoring for detecting ATO and RAT threats; - Holistic technological view of online user’s session correlating data from web content, biometry, omnichannel protection, device fingerprint, access network and threat Ingelligence; 100% users protected with a frictionless approach.
Online fraud prevention Based on online users protected
Deloitte, Multisoft, G&D, Netsafe, Lidera and others
Account Takeover (ATO), Remote Acces Trojan (RAT), advanced forensic and Reversing Malware services, intelligence and e-crime services, integration services with third party fraud solutions: SIEM, transaction monitoring