TeleSign leverages the phone to detect and prevent fraud

Global United States
2005 Two-factor authentication, phone verification, CNP/online fraud
Web fraud detection company
Cloud-based model (API driven) with no hardware or software required. APIs perform two important functions: 1) send voice or SMS messages for account verification and authentication; and 2) capture important information about the phone number being used in the online transaction (e.g., phone type, device/susbscriber status, etc.). Transaction-based pricing model.
Online shoppers, Financial institutions, Payment services providers, Government services, Online communities/ web merchants, Gaming & gambling
TeleSign leverages the phone to detect and prevent fraud. By using the phone as an authentication device, TeleSign reduces cost, improves efficiency, and protects brand integrity while reducing customer friction. Our PhoneID solutions provide merchants access to real-time business intelligence to predict and prevent online fraud
Craig Whitney,, +44 (0) 330 808 0081