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Not out of the box. However, a customer can integrate a data store via the RSA Adaptive Authentication “ecosystem approach”, to contribute new data elements in the form of risk score custom facts.
RSA eFraudNetwork. The RSA eFraudNetwork is a global cross-organisational database of confirmed fraud entities gathered from an extensive network of RSA customers, ISPs, and third-party contributors worldwide. When fraudulent activity is identified, the data elements associated with this activity, such as device or payee, are shared via the RSA eFraudNetwork. When RSA Adaptive Authentication identifies a mule account, an account used to transfer funds that have been obtained fraudulently, it is flagged as high-risk and the mule account details are shared through the RSA eFraudNetwork service. The RSA eFraudNetwork service provides direct feedback to the RSA Risk Engine, so that future transactions or activities attempted from a device or IP address that appears in the RSA eFraudNetwork service data repository are classified as high risk.