BioCatch is a cybersecurity company that delivers behavioral biometrics, analysing human-device interactions to protect users and data

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n/a BioCatch’s geo-location checks capability is based on collecting a large number of network and device-related parameters for PCs and Mobile devices, such as: IP, IP ASN, IP ISP, IP City, IP Country, Time Zone and additional factors. All of these are amalgamated to a strong geolocation check. Of course, this is optional – based on the customer’s needs and use case.
BioCatch generates several device prints with different accuracy levels. Those are used internally to support the device recognition capability.
With Behavioural Biometric Profiling, customers can call on BioCatch at any point during the session to ascertain the identity of the user (i.e. verifying users with low scores) or detect very-high-risk account takeover cases in real time (i.e. feeding our high risk scores into their risk management system).
The BioCatch system learns not just from the good guys, but also from the bad guys. Using a robust white/black list database, we train the system for generic criminal patterns. BioCatch supports KYC operations through its identity proofing capability, using application fluency, navigational fluency and data familiarity.
n/a BioCatch’s technology is built to support risk-based authentication, by feeding profiling scores into ther platform rules engines. The platforms usually specify the follow-up actions on a case by case basis.
Invisible Challenges are patented techniques that introduce subtle tests into the online session that users subconsciously respond to without sensing any change in their experience.