BioCatch is a cybersecurity company that delivers behavioral biometrics, analysing human-device interactions to protect users and data

BioCatch’s value proposition is based on three pillars: Technology: BioCatch’s unparalleled patent portfolio drives extremely high accuracy with minimal false alarms. Experience: BioCatch’s solution is widely deployed by leading banks and financial institutions around the world; Expertise: BioCatch is spearheaded by a strong “bench” of experts from various scientific disciplines.
BioCatch behavioural biometrics has three primary capabilities that provide great value to customers: Identity Proofing, Continuous Authentication (through passive behavioural profiling) and Fraud Prevention. In regards of fraud prevention, BioCatch is able to effectively combat a variety of threats, such as: malware, bots/aggregators, remote access Trojans and social engineering. BioCatch’s pricing model is based on an annual license and a one-time setup fee on a per user or transaction basis.
BioCatch has partnerships with: Microsoft, LexisNexis, Nuance, Experian, Samsung SDS and Forgerock
For Identity Proofing BioCatch behavioural biometrics offers a new dimension to fighting new account fraud. The system distinguishes between a real user and an impostor by recognizing normal user behaviour and fraudster behaviours, even when no profile exists.
BioCatch has numerous business partnerships with a wide variety of industry players.