Accertify, Inc

Accertify leverages its flexible platform to enable merchants to screen for multiple fraud use cases including, but not limited to payment, loyalty, claims, staff and social media reputation. Our unique capabilities allow genuine customers to be efficiently removed from fraud processes, supporting merchant growth.
Accertify’s core suite of services includes fraud management, disputes management, and payment gateway. For more details contact our sales team at
Accertify is integrated to multiple third-party services including, but not limited to InAuth, Emailage, LexisNexis, ethoca, Whitepages, MasterCard, eBureau, ThreatMetrix and NU Data Security.
Professional services, decision sciences, manual review outsourcing 24/7, support services, rule management and improvement, best practice consulting, training services
United Parcel Services (UPS) and FedEx to obtain proof of delivery signatures; eFax (inbound and outbound fax receipt); Global Distribution Systems (Amadeus, Navitaire, Sabre).