A leading global provider of real-time electronic payment and fraud solutions

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Automated processes and dedicated support from expert risk analysts; global fraud data, fraud solutions tailored to sector and customer needs, predictive models and unlimited, flexible rules; holistic fraud management - real-time and post-transaction monitoring using our unrivalled business intelligence solution; presence across the payments chain, supporting merchant and issuer collaboration in the fight against fraud.
Card not present (online, IVR, call centre and mobile) and card present fraud prevention; fraud and risk consultancy; payment services. Flexible
ACI partners with leading PSPs around the globe (see a full list at http://www.aciworldwide.com/who-we-are/partners/our-partners.aspx).
Payment services: Base 24- EPS, Postilion, ACI Proactive Risk Manager, ACI Universal Online Banker. Please visit www.aciworldwide.com to view all services available from ACI.
More information available upon request.