4Stop solves businesses’ risk models through an all-in-one KYC, compliance, and anti‑fraud solution

4Stop leverages its platform to enable merchants to screen for multiple fraud use cases including payment, loyalty, and social media reputation. Our unique capabilities allow customers to be efficiently removed from fraud processes, supporting merchant growth.
Card-not-present (online, IVR, call centre, and mobile) and card-present fraud prevention, fraud and risk consultancy, customer on boarding and payment transactional validation / verification / authentication services. Pricing is per data source call/transaction and based on volume and complexity, and core services.
For more information please contact an account representative at sales@4stop.com or info@4stop.com
Account takeover, new account registration, payment fraud prevention, frictionless authentication and verification, bot detection, professional services, merchant onboarding
Aggregated APIs for KYC validation, verification, and authentication services